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Ecig Caddy

Welcome to the most innovative new product for the modern ecig consumer. Ecig Caddy, a patent-pending suction cup device, attaches to any smooth surface and keeps your ecig conveniently within reach. Keep your safety while driving, add convenience while at home or at the office, and raise your level of enjoyment.


Ecig Caddy at office



Attaches Everywhere

The Ecig Caddy silicone suction cup attaches to all smooth surfaces and never leaves any residue; perfect for using safely on your vehicle dashboard.

Multiple Applications

The versatility of the product is endless; with the Ecig Caddy you can increase your ecig vaping pleasure at home, during your commute, and at the office.

Perfectly Portable

For the busy lifestyle consumer who is always on the go, the patent-pending Ecig Caddy is portable and can travel with you anywhere you go.

Safe & Hygienic

Made of 100% silicone, the Ecig Caddy is designed to keeping your ecig clean and free from debris at all times. Safe, hygienic, and designed to fit your lifestyle!


I love using the caddy at home and drive into work. The suction cup holds strong and never leaves a glue or residue like those cheap clip-ons i tried.

Its pretty cool, I stuck it on the table next to my keyboard because I got tired of putting the part that goes in my mouth down on the table every time. Now the mouth tip stays clean and I don’t need to fumble for my e-cig. I know exactly where it is and its easy to grab anytime I want to take a quick puff. The caddy stays stuck without a problem on the glass table.

Using it every day in the car and then on my desk at work, puffing all day long and then throwing in my purse whenever i go.

I purchased two ecig caddy’s to use in the car. one for me and one for my wife. turns out i love using this thing at home just as much as on my drive to work. Sticks perfect to the glass coffee table in my living room and at work i stick it to the side of my monitor to keep my ecig right in front of my coffee cup :)